Garden techniques

Sometimes even pros need help – our company has been engaged for a long time in contributing to the success of smaller and bigger horticultural companies in many ways. We really know everything about horticulture. In the past decade we have worked in the horticultural industry and we have gained lots of experience.

Garden techniques wholesale: from mole control to mulch

We are a commercial and designer company and nowadays our main customers are horticultural enterprises. Consequently, our main profile is the horticultural techniques wholesale activity. However, we also welcome individual costumers too, and in case they need help for garden designs, we can recommend our partners. Therefore, a durable and fair business relation can have such advantages.

We help you to become a pro in the fields of irrigation systems, pump techniques, ponds and sod grass

We are masters in several fields: we offer state of the art horticultural technique equipments for irrigation systems, pump and pond techniques. We believe that we are able to carry out the most special requests at short notice and on a competitive price. We are also experts in the fields of sod grass. Of course we sell in bulk only the most widespread and reliable European materials and we also help our partners to become real experts of green surfaces. We are proud to offer almost any kind of horticultural material and garden equipment.

After leaving the cashier…you can participate in our free irrigation system course!

We would like to keep in touch with our partners after leaving the cashier, which means we are glad to transfer our knowledge. We teach our customers how to use professionally our horticultural equipments, and they can transfer the information to their direct costumers. The efficiency of this method is rather obvious: with professional application you can avoid failures and problems, leaving more time for the real job, for the professional horticulture. Therefore our customers can be more satisfied with our service.

Customer satisfaction is provided by your new green surface

We believe that the best advertisement is a satisfied customer. Then, why did we really bother writing this review? Because we really wanted you to find us and become one of our satisfied customers to spread our good name. If you need a horticultural technique or a sod grass expert, contact us and let a long-standing fair relation begin!

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