Grass lawn


Would you like to walk in your garden on the day of grass over?

Would you like to find wonderful grass lawn in your garden as you arrive home?

If so, then you must choose grass lawn, a long-time well-known method in the Western world.

Before making a final decision about the certain type of grass over, check out our chart to compare the advantages and disadvantages of grass lawn and seeding.

It is important to mention that grass lawn starts with planting seeds as well. After planting the seeds, the grass is professionally grown for 14-16 months, providing the adequate nutrients and herbicides, and cutting it more times a week until it is ready to be laid down.


Facts to consider Sod grass lawn Planting seeds
Risk Low High planting seeds is adversely affected by: planting beyond the optimal planting season, erosion, wind, storm and bird damage, weeds etc.
Best season to lay grass

Any time of the year when sod grass is available, even during winter

Spring, Autumn


We provide cultivated, compressed soil surface with nutrients. A weed control is recommended 14 days before laying the sod grass.

Quality of grass seed

Mixture of high quality, high bred, selected seeds

Seeds in stores might differ in quality, and there is a high risk of sprouting.
Evenness of grass cover


The followings can cause uneven surface: footprint damage, erosion, different sprouting
Weeds Minimal, easy to handle

Might cause problems in the first months. Chemical weed control might be necessary in the beginning.

Water demand Low water demand
Sod grass requires adequate irrigation until it has strong roots. Afterwards its water demand is moderate, the soil dries out relatively slowly.
High water demand
To guarantee the best sprouting, it is recommended to always keep the planted seeds wet because the uncovered soil tends to dry out very fast.
Soil erosion, water drainage

It withstands heavy rainfalls without erosion and washing away the seeds.

Heavy rainfalls might wash away seeds and nutrients

Wonderful grass in one day

Uneven, uncovered grass surface


You can walk on the sod grass on the first day, but it is recommended to wait 2-3 weeks until the roots get stronger.

It requires plenty care and attention in the first 3-4 months and it is recommended not to overburden.




Price / value ratio It is more expensive but you can have an immediately gorgeous carpet grass. The possible future costs (water demand, fertilizers) are less due to the professional cultivation (in flower and tree nurseries for 12-16 months) It is cheaper to plant seeds, but the future professional care requires more time, and this results in higher hydro bills, fertilizer and chemical costs. It is less attractive then the carpet grass. It might require re-planting seeds and weeding.


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