We are glad to announce that we launch a course about how to design and build irrigation systems.

This way we would like to help experts in the field of irrigation systems, and companies involved in garden design and irrigation techniques.

Irrigation course for you

We are proud to say that our company is among the best ones in the field of garden techniques. We have gained lots of experience in the past years, and we would like to transfer our knowledge to our partners. We provide written material for the course participants and we do our best to satisfy the special needs of everyone in the group.

Of course, an irrigation technique engineer and designer have different demands. Contractors are also interested in different areas, then those who would like to deepen the knowledge of their new employees.

Free irrigation system training

Let us continue with some incredible details: first of all, the irrigation techniques course is free. Yes, you read it all right – it is free without any further commitment. Can we go on? We do not represent any trademark, which means we transfer the information from several relevant companies.

Professional training providing a certificate, without any commitment

Each participant of our course will receive the certificate of irrigation system designer. We also emphasize, that you are not obliged to purchase in our company. Not an obligation – however it is neither forbidden. Anyway, after getting in touch with us, you will see what we really mean.

But why we do all this?

Now you are asking yourself, then why we do all this? Well, our company, the Sateam Kft. has been committed to high quality irrigation for a long time. We know very well, that without this, there is no quality garden culture. However, it is important to us to know that our customers maintain nice gardens on the long run. So, to do it as a pro, get in touch with us!